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What 2020 has taught me?


Let’s see, apart from the fact that it scared the sh*t out off me, there are at least 10 things that the year 2020 has taught me. Please find them below in no particular order. 

1.     There is nothing that a change in thought process can’t change. Each time I have entered the blogging world, I have always left it behind with big life lessons. It happened again in 2020. The number of people we meet online far outnumbers the number of people we meet in real life. So the experiences and lessons are learned faster and with a bang. But I will still persist and continue blogging, purely for the love of it.

2.     There is nothing that is permanent in this life. May it be personal or professional, it’s time to learn to not take anything or anyone for granted. I knew this at the back of the head before, but now it is imprinted in me. 

3.     There is nothing that is more important than love and harmony. Being right or wrong isn’t the issue. The issues are your thoughts and actions. Are you ready for the consequences of those? If not, then just spread love and laughter. Because words without physical action mean nothing in the long run.

4.     The kind of books you read changes you as a person. Books make you dive into the characters. I don’t think much about the physical descriptions of the characters, they mean nothing to me, unless of course if I am planning to make a movie out of it. The writing should make you understand why a character does or doesn’t do a certain thing. With each character you read, you discover something new about yourself too. 

5.     Non- Fiction is a genre that I needn’t be afraid of. I never thought I would read so many non-fiction books ever. And I have read so many this year. This was the result of a Reading Challenge that specifically mentions to read them. And it worked! I am hooked. Thank you, Leo, for that.  

6.     Reading Challenges help you hone your reading skills. I have analyzed what I read and how I read books this year. I have never really gone and looked back at what I read. A book was read and done with. I rarely review the books either. But now I feel confident that I can do better justice to my book reviews, because of the sheer number (60+) and the wide variety of books I managed to read this year.

7.     Goodreads can be a very useful tool if used often. I was only adding books in there from kindle directly or once in a while manually through the app. But this year I have discovered groups of similar minded people. I am now mostly a silent spectator, but I intend to change that next year. 

8.     If a book doesn’t impress you in the first 15%, it probably never will. The story might be good, but it’s always the writing and the way it makes you feel that captures your mind or your soul.

9.     The importance of a Book Journal. I started a physical book journal that has all the details of the books I read in 2020. I don’t have to mince my words when I write the reviews just for myself in there. It helps. It really really helps. I have my blogging friends to thank for help with my Journalling journey. 

10.                        No matter what happens, you can train your mind to find the best in the worst situations. You just need family and friends who help you get there. I have discovered that people are there in my life for a reason. They are like, something I am currently reading in the “7 habits of effective people”, our circle of influence. It really matters who and what we put in ours.  

               I have concluded in 2020 that life’s motto should ideally be like the Serenity Pledge: 

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 

courage to change the things I can, 

and wisdom to know the difference.” 

What has 2020 taught you? Please do share in the comments below.

As  part of the Monday Musings at Everyday Gyaan.


  1. I love how your year revolved around books, Jyothi. Books are our best comfort and teachers, aren't they?

    1. Yes, they are. 2020 has been an eye opener in so many ways.

  2. I absolutely agree with all of them. I also loved that your learning are all revolving around books. A book lover is always a book lover.

    1. Yes, very true. It all started with Nancy Drew and Alfred Hitchcock books from the school library. I read up all the books there in that genre. I used to live in those.

  3. I loved reading this. I too agree if a book doesn't impress you in 1st 15 min, it never well. I too started adding my books to goodness. Helped me keep a track of what I read. The physical journaling is a great idea too.

    Ruchi Nasa

    1. Thank you. I have already set up my journals for 2021. :-)

  4. Wow 60 books is great target! I agree that this year we had more online interactions than social interactions 🙂

    1. I am 65 books now. My Goodreads target is 75. Not sure if I will make it.

  5. Glad to see a fictitious and idealised book-lover and book-reviewer in you.
    భ్రాతృపుత్రీ! వర్ధస్వ.

  6. Loved your bookish life lessons, Jyothi. Yes, the learnings were many and in some ways, possibly that is what we all needed to grow out of our respective comfort zones. Hopefully, lessons have been learnt and we are entering the New Year with some wisdom and a lot of resilience.

  7. I agree we need to train our brains to find the best in the worst situations. When we can't chnage the sitaution then it's wise to change our own thought process and fell lighter.

    1. Yes, its not easy making that decision though. Sometimes people think we have failed. But in reality, its a real success taking you towards something better.


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